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George Brown
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George Brown & Sons Engineers

George Brown and Sons Engineers

The Atlantic Raven


A marine repair company commissioned us to test to destruction the wire rope that was fitted to four winches on board their vessel.  The winches were used for manoeuvring purposes at sea. Our engineers removed four two-meter samples, which were then terminated at each end with a closed spelter socket in our Leith Test house. These were taken to Middlesbrough, where they were individually fitted into a large test machine. The four ropes broke at pressures ranging from 408 tonnes to 418 tonnes, indicating a minimum breaking load of 400 tonnes plus.

After giving the client this information, we returned the equipment to the vessel and fitted four new sockets to the winches by the wire lock method.  This took four days on the vessel. Under testing the rope was run out to a bollard and a 60 tonne strain, measured by a dynamometer, was put on each winch to ascertain its power and the integrity of the workmanship.  

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